Juvanzé Blue is a popular big fish venue with mirrors to 67lb and commons to 55lb and is suitable for experienced anglers.

There are at least 10 carp over 50lb, several just shy of 50, many 40s and lots of upper 30s. The average weight during 2017 was around 35lb and the fish are still growing steadily! There are also around 40 bighead carp with a record of 80lb!

Juvanzé Blue is a picturesque, mature gravel pit covering around 5 acres. The banks are grassy and lined with overhanging trees. The lake bed is an exciting and challenging combination of gravel and clay with plenty of features to fish to.

Prices :  £1750 (2019), £1800 (2020/21)

  • Lake Size : 5 acres (Max of 5 anglers)
  • Prices :  £1750 (2019), £1800 (2020/21)
  • Swims : 5 purpose built swims including 1 large double (4) and 1 smaller double (5)
  • Depth : 3ft – 6ft
  • Carp Stock : Large stock of mirrors to 67lb and commons to 55lb, at least ten 50lb+ carp, several just shy of 50 and many 40s
  • Other Fish : Around 40 bighead carp to 80lb+, grass carp, pike, perch and roach
  • Lake Bed : Gravel, sand and clay
  • Features : Beautiful tree lined lake, overhanging bushes, gravel bars, plateaus, weed patches and lily pads
  • Access : Track all round the fishery
  • Bait Boats Allowed : Yes – several available for hire
  • Help available : Yes, English bailiffs with many years of carp fishing experience available to help you if needed

Juvanzé Blue has a cabin with a kitchen* and spotless shower and toilet facilities. UK plug sockets for charging batteries** and English TV. There’s a gazebo with a table and chairs and a BBQ.

Juvanzé Lakes provide each angler with a landing net, unhooking mat, weigh tripod and weigh sling so please don’t bring your own.

* The kitchen is a small area with table and chairs, fridge freezer, gas cooker, work surface and a sink. The kitchen isn’t equipped so you’ll need to bring your own pots, pans, plates etc.

** We produce our own power which is fine for charging phones and boat batteries only, so isn’t suitable for anything high voltage.