We take a 100 € (or £100) deposit from each group on arrival which will be returned on departure provided that no rules have been broken and the site and facilities have been left in a respectful manner. 

  1. Do not arrive before 1pm on Saturday. You must leave the site no later than 10am the following Saturday.
  2. Boilies and carp pellets only, nothing else. Use high quality freezer bait, no shelf-life boilies.
  3. No plastic or any other artificial baits.
  4. Barbless hooks only. No barbed, no micro barbed, no crushed barbs. We do check.
  5. Use the unhooking mats provided – do not bring your own.
  6. Bring your own landing net (minimum 42”) and XL flotation weigh sling (minimum 130cm). Weigh slings are available to rent if needed for 8 euros a week. 
  7. Nets and weigh slings must be bone dry and accessible for inspection and dipping on arrival. 
  8. No unattended rods – extra care must be taken when fishing close to snags.
  9. Fish care is very important to us and we will explain in detail how the fish must be handled.
  10. Give the fish 5 to 10 minutes to recover once in the landing net.
  11. Take great care of the fish. All fish to be returned to the lake immediately after weighing, applying approved treatments and taking photos.
  12. No fish are to be kept in retainer slings.
  13. Remove all jewellery before handling the fish (rings, watches, chains, bracelets).
  14. 3 rods max per angler.
  15. Minimum 0.37mm mainline.
  16. Never pull for a break, contact the bailiff if needed.
  17. No braided mainlines, rig tubing is encouraged.
  18. Unleaded leaders are allowed.
  19. Use rigs that are safe for the fish, if in doubt ask. No OMC Magic Twigs.
  20. Bait boats are allowed.
  21. All vehicles to be parked in the designated parking area after unloading and loading gear at the swims.
  22. No swimming.
  23. No inflatable boats or similar.
  24. No tree climbing.
  25. No fires.
  26. Drink responsibly – (accidents that happen under the influence of alcohol are not covered by French public liability insurance).
  27. Fishing during lightning storms is not advised and is done so at your own risk.
  28. Fishing is strictly limited to Juvanzé Lakes – DO NOT fish the surrounding lakes which are private property.
  29. Treat the site and nature with respect. Leave all litter, correctly separated, in the bins provided. Collect all cigarette ends and bottle tops.
  30. All unused baits to be taken home or donated to the bailiff. Do not dump into the lake.
  31. No loud radios.
  32. The boat is only to be used to release snagged fish and the life jacket must be worn at all times.


Remember your Travel Insurance, Breakdown Cover and Passport.

We will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, illness or losses.

We reserve the right to terminate your stay with us if we judge your behaviour to be unacceptable to our fish, other clients or any other person or which may contravene our regulations.